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Guided Meditation Webinar Offer Enclosed $200 Discount

Offer: Brief Guided Meditation Webinars •Series of 6 guided meditation webinars for the price of 4. •$400 ($200 discount) for six x 15 minute webinars. •Employees can connect at work or at home. About Guided Meditation •Relaxation techniques that provides a means to intentionally redirect one’s thoughts in order to achieve a desired outcome such as stress relief. •Designed to provide quiet meditation, breathing exercises, gentle stretching and easy strategies to calm one’s mind and help refocus energy. •Techniques will help your busy employees be clearer when attending to the details of their demanding professional and personal lives. Questions - contact william.smith@atlantichealth.org

Reference Number: Somerset Meditation 2017
Expires: 12/22/2017

The Somerset County Business Partnership is not responsible for fulfillment of this coupon.