Go Green Somerset!

Survey Start Date: 7/15/2013      Survey End Date: 10/30/2014

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Simply complete the form below to let us know what your business has done, or is planning to do, to join the ranks of Somerset County businesses, who are improving their workplace environments and the community at large. As a participant of the Green Challenge, your company will be listed on the SCBP website, recognized for its green achievements, and be included in special events for Green Challenge participants. One of our Green Guides will reach out to you within the next few days to learn more about your company's goals and its plans for the future. Sign up now to get started!

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Check if your company has a green energy plan
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My company has a basic recycling program in place
My company has installed proper recycling receptacles
My company recycles business products as well as consumer waste
We have a compost area and a policy for food waste
Printer cartridges are reused, refilled, or recycled
We donate/sell reusable furnishings and other items
My company is working to digitize our publications
My company has implemented a double sided copy/print policy
We maximize electronic documents to minimize paper usage
My company has a policy to turn off computers and printers daily
Our equipment and machinery is turned off when not in use
My company utilizes "green energy" alternate suppliers
We have replaced all traditional light bulbs with energy efficient light fixtures
We have upgraded to Energy Star appliances
We have installed Solar or other renewable technology
My company uses fans before resorting to air-conditioning
We have installed programmable thermostats
We have performed a water awareness campaign for all employees
We make water-wise signage and information visible
We have programs to check and repair dripping, leaking, and running fixtures
We encourage employees to carpool, use mass transportation or bike to work and to register for the Ticket Home Program when they do.
We provide site-specific information regarding commuter options relevant to our business location.
We encourage employees to register for traffic alerts to be sent to their email or phone via
Please indicate the Green Challenge categories that are most relevant to your company's interest. Categories include: Energy Conservation, Water Conservation, Reduce/Recycle, Commuting Alternatives, Other Sustainable Actions, and Community Impact