Somerset County Events

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12/2/2016   NJ Audubon: Volunteer Art Exhibition
12/17/2016   NJ Audubon: Nature Infused Yoga – Winter Series
1/21/2017   NJ Audubon: Hand-Crafted Paper Workshop
1/23/2017   QuickBooks for Small Businesses-Desktop Only
1/24/2017   Mingle Bells Post-Holiday Mixer
1/25/2017   Engaging with North Plainfield School District
1/25/2017   Data Science for Small Business Owners
1/26/2017   Internal Fraud Prevention: Tips and Techniques for Businesses
1/26/2017   Financial Professionals Special Interest Group - (FiSIG)
1/27/2017   Somerset County ELC featuring Sen. Bateman and Asm. DiMaio
1/27/2017   Mathnasium of Bedminster GAME NIGHT
1/30/2017   All-Leads Session
1/31/2017   Building Your Marketing Plan
1/31/2017   QuickBooks A/R and A/P-Desktop Only
2/1/2017   Building Your Marketing Plan
2/2/2017   Workplace Wellness Committee
2/2/2017   Bertani Wine Dinner
2/7/2017   Networking in Your Sweet Spot - Business Builders Breakfast
2/7/2017   Paquete de prestamos-Espanol
2/7/2017   Manicures & Martinis: Women in Business
2/8/2017   Legal 1
2/8/2017   SOHO (Small Office/Home Office)
2/9/2017   Maximizing Your Membership
2/9/2017   How to Purchase a Business or Franchise
2/11/2017   Young Professionals Divison- Cupid's Chase 5K
2/13/2017   QuickBooks Online - Parts 2 &3
2/14/2017   Sustainable Somerset
2/15/2017   Asian Culture - China (Global SIG)
2/15/2017   Legal 2
2/15/2017   Create Your Local Business Listing on Google, Bing & Yahoo
2/16/2017   80th Annual Walk to Washington & Congressional Dinner
2/16/2017   80th Annual Walk to Washington & Congressional Dinner
2/18/2017   NJ Audubon: Digital Photography Workshop 6: Bird Photography
2/18/2017   NJ Audubon: Belize Travelogue
2/19/2017   Bus Tour-Middlebrook Cantonment, AKA 5 Generals Tour
2/20/2017   Accounting Fundamentals
2/21/2017   The Business Plan
2/22/2017   Mastering the Mental Side of Building a Business
2/22/2017   Planning Your New Website
2/23/2017   QuickBooks Model Office-Desktop Only
2/23/2017   Financial Professionals Special Interest Group - (FiSIG)
2/24/2017   Believe in Miracles
2/24/2017   Somerset County ELC featuring Assemblyman John Wisniewski
2/24/2017   Believe in Miracles
2/27/2017   Multi-Chamber Networking Night with New Jersey Devils
2/27/2017   QuickBooks for Small Businesses-Desktop Only
3/1/2017   Maximize Your Expo and Trade Show Investment
3/1/2017   Introduction to WordPress
3/2/2017   Crowdfunding: A New Alternative to Raising Working Capital
3/2/2017   Workplace Wellness Committee
3/4/2017   2nd Annual Move for Midland Sponsored by PVH Corp.
3/7/2017   Eating on the Run - Business Builders Breakfast
3/7/2017   QuickBooks A/R and A/P-Desktop Only
3/8/2017   NJ Division of Revenue & Taxation Small Business Tax Workshop
3/8/2017   Introduction to Search Engine Optimization
3/8/2017   SOHO (Small Office/Home Office)
3/10/2017   Meet the Lenders
3/14/2017   Sustainable Somerset
3/15/2017   HR Roundtable
3/15/2017   Basics of Small Business Insurance
3/21/2017   QuickBooks Model Office-Desktop Only
3/22/2017   Introduction to Google Analytics
3/23/2017   Federal Small Business Certifications
3/23/2017   Doing Business With the Federal Government
3/23/2017   Reverse Mortgages (FiSIG)
3/24/2017   Somerset County ELC featuring Assemblyman Jack Ciattarelli
3/27/2017   Accounting Fundamentals
3/28/2017   Network for Success
3/28/2017   Maximizing Your Membership
3/29/2017   Take the "Rocket" Out of the Science of Selling
3/29/2017   Introduction to Google AdWords
4/3/2017   QuickBooks for Small Businesses-Desktop Only
4/4/2017   Mastering Marketing Communication Skills
4/5/2017   Creating Video for Your Website
4/6/2017   A Spring Fling Thing: Women in Business
4/6/2017   Workplace Wellness Committee
4/6/2017   Macy's Bridgewater SCBP Women in Business Spring Fling Thing
4/11/2017   Sustainable Somerset
4/11/2017   QuickBooks A/R and A/P-Desktop Only
4/11/2017   Outside the Box Marketing
4/12/2017   SOHO (Small Office/Home Office)
4/13/2017   Sustainable Business Registration Workshop
4/19/2017   Introduction to Blogging
4/19/2017   Global SIG
4/20/2017   How to Buy a Business or Franchise


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