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5/15/2018 Featured News

SCBP Enters Collaborative Agreement with NJIT

BRIDGEWATER, NJ – New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT) Continuing Professional Education (CPE) and Career Development Services (CDS) recently established a joint agreement with Somerset County Business Partnership (SCBP) to build strong connections that support the business community’s talent acquisition, employee retention, and professional development objectives. NJIT is committed to expanding educational opportunities so more students and professionals can develop the skills to advance their careers and remain competitive in today’s marketplace.

This newly formed collaboration agreement will leverage the talent acquisition and development strengths of NJIT, a nationally ranked public research university, and SCBP, a chamber of commerce serving the businesses and residents of Somerset County, as a model for sharing resources and knowledge.  Together NJIT and SCBP are working to facilitate educational programs that provide customized workforce development and skills training and easy to navigate campus recruitment options to businesses throughout Somerset County.

Partnering with SCBP gives NJIT an opportunity to connect with companies across numerous industry sectors to offer customized corporate training solutions that best insure the continuous growth, development and engagement of their valued workforce,” explains Gale T. Spak, associate vice president of CPE at NJIT. “Tailored programs in cutting-edge technologies, strategic management, and essential skills are offered on-site and online by NJIT’s expert faculty, thought- leaders, and industry professionals. Our partnership with Woz U, created by Apple’s Steve Wozniak, is helping companies “crack the code” on hiring and retaining Tech Talent particularly in cyber security and software development. ”

The positive force behind what drives the growth of a strong economy is the talent produced by the best universities. Ranked #1 on the Forbes list for Student Upward Mobility, NJIT produces graduates who are leaders that rise to the top of their careers.

This partnership will create a pathway for our academically talented students to pursue professional opportunities with businesses in Somerset County,” explains Greg Mass, executive director of CDS. “Fostering relationships with industry leaders directly benefits our students and graduates through internships, co-ops, and employment opportunities.” NJIT was recently recognized by Money Magazine as a US Top Ten College with Great Career Services. 

Forming this agreement, NJIT and SCBP will support the shared missions of providing educational resources, network connections, engagement opportunities and a beneficially supported relationship.

We look forward to our partnership with NJIT and higher education so that we may continue to attract and retain a highly skilled workforce which contributes to a strong economic future for Somerset County,” says Mike Kerwin, SCBP President and CEO.